1. Try your best every day

  2. Arrive on-time/early for every practice and team meeting (contact a coach if you think you might arrive late)

  3. Treat your teammates and coaches with respect (Please and thank you go a long way)

  4. Be honest with your coaches about tennis, school and life (Coaches are here to help you become the best athlete, student, person possible. We’re here to help.)

  5. Take a “can do”/problem-solving attitude toward every challenge you face (ex. “I can do this” “I’m ready for a challenge”)

Team Commitment:


Summit Boys Tennis is committed to the process. The process of learning tennis. The process of learning and loving to compete. The process of building a positive team culture. The process of holding ourselves accountable for our own actions. The process of working hard even though we may not always get the outcome we want.  


Summit Boys Tennis is process-oriented. The outcome/results/winning or losing will take care of itself. 

2020 Summit Storm Boys Tennis