First match in 3... 2... 1...

Looking ahead:

Summit Invite starts later today. We have three matches scheduled (one against Grant HS, then Mt. View, then Bend). Because of the poor weather conditions (rain!!) we'll be playing our matches inside at the Athletic Club of Bend. We're fortunate the club freed up courts for us to use! The alternative would have been cancelling the matches.

Next week we have two dual matches schedule during the week (Bend on Monday and McNary on Thursday) then the top 13 Varsity players will travel to Portland and compete in the Oregon Tournament starting on Friday, April 12. This tournament will feature the top teams and players from around the state. Our performance/results will dictate state seeding. More importantly, the Oregon Tournament is an opportunity to match up against top players and test our skills against the best, looking for areas we can work-on and improve throughout the rest of the season.

Let's get back to this weekend...

Who will be playing?

A lot of questions remain about who will be included in the 13 player travel squad. The weather/late start to the season has forced us coaches to abbreviate our methods for determining line-up. The good news is that we have a very deep team. All players practicing with Varsity could play in those last two or three slots on the travel squad. I'll be using this weekends matches as "live-testing" for creating the 13 player travel squad. If you're one of the borderline players, come ready to play this weekend and give it your best! Taking initiative, showing perseverance, working hard, and having a positive attitude go a long ways.

What I'm looking for this weekend...

1. Positive attitudes

Take a can-do/problem-solving attitude with everything. If your serve isn't going in, make adjustments and find a way.

2. Professionalism

This includes: respecting teammates, respecting opponents, respecting the facilities we use. This does not include: throwing racquets, yelling, hitting under-hand serves, etc.

3. Self-reflection

What did you do well? What could you do better in the next match? Even if you win 6-0, 6-0 there's always areas to improve. Always strive to get better!

Thanks for Bend HS for allowing us use of their courts over spring break!

It's just a little rain

I'll see everyone this evening! Thanks!

Coach Paxton


2020 Summit Storm Boys Tennis