Shoveling, shoveling, and more shoveling!

Six days of shoveling, three days of snow-blowing, and hundreds of wheel barrow trips later, the snow is still clinging to courts three and four not quite ready to melt away and make room for spring. But warmer weather is here! Time to melt snow!

Here's what we accomplished this week:

1. Cleared courts one and two of snow

2. Thinned the snow on court three

3. Spent time together as a team

4. Had to apply sunscreen for the first time in months (or maybe that was just me)

5. Took up two rows of parking with the snow from courts one and two

Sundays snow removal crew

Mondays practice

Snow from court one

Let's hope for less snow next season. Or permission to clear the courts immediately after the snowfall before it becomes thick and heavy.

Looking ahead to next week

The plan is to practice outside Sunday through Friday next week. I'm working on finding courts to use in addition to the courts at Summit (in case those do not fully melt by Sunday). I'll send out an email update later today with more information.

Dual matches that were cancelled last week will hopefully be re-scheduled. We may even re-schedule one of those to later this week so stay tuned.

Also, the SnapRaise fundraiser has officially kicked off. SnapRaise requests that each player collect 20 email addresses to use for fundraising. The addresses provided will receive emails from SnapRaise with information about the team and buttons for making easy donations. As I said before, if you're not comfortable with this form of fundraising you may also make a donation directly to the program by writing a check to Summit Boys Tennis.

Thank you for all your support (shovels, wheel barrows, snow-blowers, etc)! We'll have the players on court very soon!


2020 Summit Storm Boys Tennis